Sunday, February 28, 2016

White Beach Ninja

I brought my drone to Boracay because I wanted to take photos of the island from a different vantage point. I also know that White Beach will be too crowded, and flying a drone safely can be tricky. I have a suspicion too that it might not be even allowed.

White Beach, facing Willy's Rock

So what I did was I woke up early, before 8 am and set down to the far end of the beach, towards Willy's Rock. I found a patch of the beach (it was also low tide, which gave me a bigger real estate where to launch) where there's not a lot of people, and assembled to drone there. I launched it as soon I have it ready and flew it to about 60-65 meters and took photos and a video of white beach. I thought I had the money shot for the whole trip.

Drone selfie

I packed up as soon as I had the photos, and went back to the hotel for breakfast.

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