Monday, February 8, 2016

Reconnecting with Old Friends

Chef Chaouen,
Samcheong-Dong , 9 pm Feb 7

When I was in college I tutor Korean students to augment my allowance. Two of my students were Min and Silvia. They met in Manila and eventually got married and have two kids. I met them (and their family) today in Seoul after so many years. We met at a hip resto owned by Min's brother, in a gentrified neighborhood called Samcheong-dong . He closed it down early so they can host me; i felt so honored for that. I was great to reconnect with them after a long time. We got to chat over a nice dinner (another one for the night, and more soju!). In a way they were the travelers before and I have met them again, with me doing the traveling this time. What's a better travel story than that? 

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