Thursday, February 4, 2016

Hello, world.

Welcome to my new travel blog. I decided to have a new one since I thought that the, unintentionally or otherwise, has morped into a travel guide of sorts, and the spontaneous stuff that I wanted to tell about my trips would seem out of place in there already. I also wanted to have a blog where I can concentrate with telling my adventures while on the road and not worry about SEOs and how it would rank in the SERPs. I am also tired of trying to come up with click-bait posts in the quest for more views, and I'd like to go back to the original intent of having a travel blog - to tell travel stories. 

While I will still maintain the other travel blog, this one will be updated more often, while I am traveling, akin to an online diary or a live blog. I will reserve Boarding Gate to featuring places and activities that I think could be interesting to the readers, while here I will be writing "live" updates during the trips, and will concentrate on stories and musings that generally won't fit in a travel guide-type blog. 

With that I am launching this blog to coincide with my first foreign trip of the year (and my first abroad since I visited Thailand with my mom last April 2015). Tomorrow I am flying to Seoul, South Korea. I will be posting updates here for my first visit to that country, so keep posted on those. I'm also planning several trips for this year so I think this blog will be busy.


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