Monday, February 8, 2016

Gangnam Style

After packing my luggage I made two quick trips today, before I head out to the airport. First, around noon, I went back to Namdaemun market to pick up some pasalubong - a shirt for my brother, ref magnet with "Seoul" for my mom, and aome colorful socks that seems to be in rage in Seoul now. The area is mostly empty, because it's the Chinese New Year.

From there I went to check out Gangnam, the area in Seoul with the most expensive real estate prices. One could say this is the playground of the 1%, and made famous by that eponymoua song by Korean artist Psy. It did look the park, probably rivaling Fifth Avenue or the Magnificent Mile. It probably more dazzling in the evenings, unlike during a hazy, cold afternoon when I went there.

From Gangnam I went back to the hostel to pick up my stuff and continued on to Incheon Airport. My flight is around 9pm local time so I may have to find creative ways to kill time while I'm there.

And the airport is quite impressive, probably better than Changi or Chep Lap Kok. Any American airport won't be able to hold a candle compared to this one I think.

The xheck in counter is atill closed when I arrived so I ate at a cafe called Paris Baguette. I noticed that they use a lot of foreign wotds, like Fremch, for foreign branding in Korea (the chain Tous Le Jours comes to mind). Their cheese Danish is delicious.

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