Monday, February 8, 2016

Boarding and No Liquid Policy

I got through the whole check-in and immigration process with no snags until I got to the final security check. I didn't realize that ICN is very strict with the 100-ml limit for liquids. I hand-carried Silvia and Min's New Year's gift for me, an LG box (I didn't know LG also manufactures cosmetics and toiletries) of shampoo, conditioner and toiletries, and they caught it in security check. Since the 3 bottles of shampoo and conditioner is already equal to 600 ml (and I'm also carrying a bottle of contact lens fluid in my handcarry, I was given the choice of going back to the check-in counter or have them confiscated. I opted for the latter since I don't want to fall in line again (sorry Silvia).

I am now at the boarding gate waiting for my flight. I'm still bummed about losing three bottles of shampoo. 

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