Friday, February 26, 2016

Boracay Again

I'm currently in Boracay for a three-day weekend. This is my fourth trip to the island, the first of which was in 1999, then in 2007, then in 2013. Incidentally the trip in 2007 was the one that started this wanderlust of mine. It was after I spent my birthday week here that I started making trips almost every month until now.

I flew here via Skyjet Air, which uses a British Aerospace BAe-146 regional jet (I flew on the same airline last December to Busuanga). The plane was late, so my initial plan of scouting a place in Puka Beach for launching a drone was scuttled. I spent most of the afternoon just walking around White Beach, and I got a massage in the evening after dinner.

Boracay still has its charms but it seems to be getting more crowded everytime I come here. It has gotten too mainstream also, the McDonald's and Starbucks can attest to that. There are also a lot of visitors from mainland China now (before it was the Russians, then Koreans, who frequented the island). I noticed that they spend a lot too; they buy even the lamest touristy trinket on sale. Which is good for the local economy I guess.

I am staying in Hey Jude, which was just a bar before. The place is adequate, I chose only the standard room when I booked. The WiFi isn't working so I am blogging using my 4G connection. I wanted to check out Epic but I might just turn in early tonight.

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