Saturday, February 6, 2016

The Unintended Trip to Incheon

I somehow doing an unintended trip in Incheon today.

I got up around eight and I got to the Gangbyeon station to get a bus to Jisan ski resort. I got on the bus to Incheon, thinking that it was the immediate stop before that, but I got the rude awakening when I asked the tourist officer inside the Incheon bus terminal that I should be in Icheon.

 It was already almost twelve by then that I decided to just put off the ski trip for another day and instead go back to Seoul. I took another bus (the red one with 1400 number) and it went through the city that it felt like I boarded a tour bus. The unintended tour actually made it less the booboo less sucky.

When I got to the hostel I talked to the owner, DJ, who then helped me book a day ski trip to Jisan but one which I will be picked up from the hostel so it will save me the trouble of commuting by myself. It's also cheaper that the published rates on the website too. Added bonus to make up for today: DJ cooked some lunch and served me a big portion, and he gave me a pack of Mycoal handwarmers as a gift. 

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