Saturday, February 27, 2016

Dive and Paddle

It was raining hard like half the day in Boracay. We thought Arvy's flight will be canceled (I heard some flight were). Luckily the flight pushed through and Arvy arrived in Boracay late noon. After lunch we went to the beach and decided to do helmet diving. I thought it's something we won't be doing any more because both of us had experience scuba diving already, but it was a kind of different experience altogether.

From Station 1 we were whisked to a platform at the sea, and then we were given instructions on what to do and expect while helmet diving. It's like a diving bell of old, only that it has a clear face plate so you can see, and the helmet resembles the headgear of a hydrocephalic Stormtrooper. It's heavy too - 35 kilos normally, but we were told it will weigh like 2kg underwater. As soon as I descended I realized that I haven't scuba dived for a while. I had difficulty equalizing and my ears hurt like crazy for a while.

We spend about 15 minutes under water. There were some underwater sculptures there and we fed the fish too, which is always cool. Arvy went up first after a while then I signaled that I was ready to go up too.

Back in terra firma we went walking in the beach again until somebody offered to rent out a stand-up paddleboard. I took up his offer and I spent about an hour paddling. It was better than the last time I tried it in San Juan. I was able control and make turns better, and I didn't fell off as much.

I was famished afterwards; we had dinner at an Indian restaurant called True Food before retiring in our room. 

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