Saturday, April 16, 2016

Company Picnic

April 16, 2016
Club Morroco, Subic

Every year the company I work with conducts a summer outing, with my colleagues in attendance. This year the picnic, which is usually overnight, was held in Club Morocco Resort, in Subic, Zambales. I always attend these company picnics, as it's a great way for me to connect with my colleagues, especially those from the different departments. It also means that I have one trip guaranteed for the year, although I don't have a choice to the venue. 

We set out early in the morning from the office, around 5 am. There were two buses full plus a coaster of employees who were attending. I was in the coaster, and we were the first to leave as the advanced party. I have the drone with me, and I will be taking some footage to used for a presentation later in the evening. We arrived just before noon due to some traffic in NLEX, and the fact that the bus did not go through SCTEX, but rather went through Bataan. I took some aerial photos as soon as we arrive. There was some scary moment for me when I flew the drone one time; the wind was blowing strongly that I can see the drone drifting until I wasn't able to see it. I increased its altitude until I was able to locate it again, then struggled to land it near the pool. On my mind, the words "oh no, not again" kept repeating over and over until I landed it safely.

The resort was good enough. The place is spacious, and we have the whole resort for ourselves. The pebble beach is nothing to write home about, but the view of the Subic Bay is great. 

There were  a lot of team building activities lined up throughout the day which kept everyone busy, but we all had the chance to lounge in the pool to cool down and drank a few beers (the temp is scorching so nobody went to the beach well until sundown). More activities were done in the evening. There was a bonfire at the beach after dinner, and more beers flowed until late at night. I was so tired after that I slept until 9 am the next morning. We went back to the metro just before lunch time.

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