Sunday, March 6, 2016

Hoverboard Part Deux

Soon after the flyboard session I did another round of hoverboard riding at Networx Jetsports. Hoverboards are a new-ish invention of Zapata Sports as well (not the silly-looking land version that seems to have an inkling for starting fires). This is more looks like what happens when a snowboard and a vacuum cleaner gets freaky on a Friday night - a contraption the size of a snowboard, attached to a ginormous hose connected to a jetski. 

Like the hoverboard the jets of water propel you and the contraption. It is also more difficult to ride than the other, and so far I have only mastered the basics. I was able to let it jump out of the water too, and let it stay aloft for  second or two. This was my second time to ride it, and I think I am more confident this time. I didn't fall as much, and I was able to control the board more and make turns without much difficulty. It rode it for 11 minutes straight without falling once, as the video shows (I created it into a timelapse to shorten and make it faster). 

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