Sunday, March 6, 2016

Flyboarding in Subic

I went flyboarding in Subic today. Flyboarding is the new-ish extreme sport invented by Zapata Racing. It involves a board, similar in size to a snowboard, a long and large hose connected to a jetski, and some contraption with nozzles attached to your feet. I 

Arvy and I drove yesterday to the freeport but we arrived late in the evening (we stayed overnight in Venezia hotel), so all activities were pushed back to Sunday. I was able to do flyboarding twice already, always in Network Jetsports, which is located in Waterfront Road in the Subic Freeport. I was gonna do flyboarding and hoverboard (no, not the silly contraption that has the tendency to burst into flames, but the one you use in the water; I will cover that in the next post).

I did the flyboard first, and this time I was more confident and I did not fall on my face as much as I did the last two times. I think I was able to balance it now more often than not, and I avoided tipping over that could cause me to fall into the water. I still can't do tricks, like the 360 maneuver, I think I have to have more practice to be able to do that (and I really have to workout my core, too).

The other difference now is that we have the drone this time, so while I was in the water, Arvy was piloting the drone to take some photos and videos. I liked them very much, they looked cool, and they give a new perspective of the action. Arvy was a bit tentative to lower the drone, because the water jets from the other passing jetskis might get it wet. Still it was a great opportunity to use the drone and get some awesome footage.

More about my previous experience in flyboarding here.

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